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Cam 4 Webcams

by on Nov.19, 2010, under WebCam SpotLight

WEBCAM SPOTLIGHT : This will be a new series of cam show dialogs with various gurls and boys online! I will use this as a way to expose to you the newest and regulars that frequent the cam sites around the internet.

Cam 4 Webcams

If you dont know about Cam 4 then you have been missing out on the wild wild west of webcam sites!

Im sure there are others but we will focus on Cam 4 here.

Have you ever been trolled? If you visit dickgirlfriend.com or other tg or cd sites maybe you have been a long long time ago. Maybe that first time was the time you got hooked on “chicks with dicks”, tgirls, etc. “What the fuck that girl has a cock!!!!”

Cam 4 is a free site that offers anyone with a webcam a chance to camwhore themselves out to the world to viewers like you! Once the camwhore logs on the more viewers they get the higher the camwhore gets ranked dynamically. The site is divided into categories.

These categories are “featured”, “Recent”, “Female”, “Male”, “Couple”, “Shemale”, “Party”, and “Premium”. Each category list the models (camwhores) according the the number of viewers they have at that moment.

Viewing the webcams and chatting is free but if you want a one on one you have to pay.

Alot of famous internet models have started out on cam 4 or continue to visit their roots. You may see katie ayanami, kitty kaiti, and alot of up and cummers!

Some do it for the kicks! As some of them have said “Its time to troll some noobs” Still dont know what that means? Well in this case its fooling people you are a “girl” and then at the last minute showing your cock!. Trolling : Trying to get a rise out of someone by doing something outrageous. I have seen “girls” with thousands of viewers and as soon as the cock is shown their numbers drop to a few hundred pervs who are still in shock and cant leave or move like a deer in headlights or stay because they realized they are actually even more aroused! You may have been one of these guys or girls but instead of leaving in disgust you fell in love.

Below are samples screen caps of some of the girls in the span of a few minutes on a weeknight.

So go take a look and enjoy! Cam 4

These are some of the girls i was able to view at the time of writing this article.

Best girl of the night was trannyboy91!
This girl is gorgeous! go say hi tp her now she is on most nights, a regular.

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