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Katie Ayanami : Cam Show (5-7-2011) Mission CHEESEBURGER!

by on May.07, 2011, under Asian DickGurl, Asian Girls, Katie Ayanami

Katie Ayanami : Cam 4 Show

Katie was on cam 4 tonight! OMFG!


So cute.

She was on this time looking for tokens to buy a cheeseburger. So the girl was fucking “Hongree!” someone buy this girl a cheeseburger or two!!!
Poor girl is fucking too thin and looks like she could use a good meal or two.

She later found something to snack on. give the girl a burger or a dick or two

Go check her out on cam4 via her profile link here http://www.cam4.com/katieayanami

Also go check out her site!
Katie Ayanami

Gender: shemale
Member since: July 04, 2009
Last Broadcast: December 31, 2010
Sexual Preference : straight
Relationship Status: single
Age: 21
Location: Los Angeles,United States
Spoken language(s): English
Height: 5’7″
Occupation: TrapGirlfriend blog writer
Smoke: no
Drink: socially
Recreational Drugs: no
Body Type: slim/petite
Hair Color: black
Hair Length: long
Eye Color: brown

Check out the camshow screen cap gallery below.

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Katie Ayanami : Video Site Update

by on Nov.18, 2010, under Katie Ayanami

Katie Ayanami : Site Update

Anal Hosiery
“I Was a little dirty! yeah i can be a dirty girl. Missed having something stuffed in my ass. How about stockings! I loved the feeling when i pulled it out.”

God i love this girl. She gets a bit kink sometimes. I have a thing for stockings and ass but when she decided to stuff her ass like a holiday turkey with her hosiery it just drove me wild.

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New Photos of Vanna + Franky + KimChiBear

by on Nov.14, 2010, under Katie Ayanami

Katie has a great blog http://trapgirlfriend.com
Go check it out! Below are direct links to new photos by some of the writers on her site! They are gorgeous and lots of fun!

mY fiRst REAL cOmmIssioN sHoot

Getting ready for Halloween

update to the update

meh, startin’ to dress andro-ish

You can find all of these on http://trapgirlfriend.com

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Katie Ayanami : Site Update

by on Nov.13, 2010, under Katie Ayanami

Katie Ayanami : Site Update

Bubble Bath
“My parents aren’t home! yay! time to have fun in the tub wearing stockings and bubbles!”

Another great video update. Over 20 minutes of footage of katie masturbating in her bathtub with bubbles. She seems to love taking baths with stockings on. Lots of great leg fetish stroking.

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Katie Ayanami : Black Ops + GameStop + Server

by on Nov.09, 2010, under Katie Ayanami

Katie Ayanami : Black Ops + GameStop + Server

TAKEN FROM HER BLOG trapgirlfriend.com

WHEEE! I was just waiting outside at gamestop. The line was longer than longcat, well, almost. And the cashier guy tried to hit on me lulz. Pic related it’s him! lol

Anyways, I’m installing the game right now and I just can’t wait to start it up and kill sum noobs! It’s been too long!

The servers should be up by now.

Join my server! It’s called ….. wait for it………. [wet] gaming :: iamsowet.com :: now recruiting :3

You can reach it at

And our clan site will be up soon; as soon as Ayu gets it done lol. IAMSOWET.COM LOL o wow this one is full of lulz. I’m surprised that it’s not a porn site already!

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Ask a Trap! : Katie Ayanami’s Blog

by on Nov.08, 2010, under Katie Ayanami

Ask a Trap!

If you have not done so you should definitely go check out what katie ayanami is doing on her blog Trap Girlfriend.

She has a new series of thread posts called Ask a Trap.

Its your chance to as a trap anything you want!. You got a question that needs an answer?

Here are some of the questions asked in the past

- “How old were you when you figured out that you are a girl?”
- “How do you get your cock and balls out of the way so there isn’t a bulge in your tight cloths?”
- “Aside from guys staring at you, do strangers interact with you differently now that you look like a girl?”
- “Have you thought about getting breast implants?”
- “Do you have trouble finding guys to date? Are most of the guys you date bisexual, or do any of them identify as gay/straight?”
- “Does being attracted to you make me a little bit less straight?”
- “How do you go about telling a potential boyfriend about your anatomy?”
- “Which do you recall coming first, your love of men or your fondness for femininity?”
- “Any thoughts and interest of having kids? Son or daughter? or Raise the son like a daughter?”
- “What advice would you give to someone that is transitioning from MtF? How long did it take you to perfect your female voice? Did you fail at passing when going full time for your first time?”

Got a question? Go over there and ask!

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